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I began my career assisting some of the industry’s well respected wedding photographers. They taught me about lighting, composition, style and everything it takes to shoot a wedding. But when it came time to pursue my own career, I strived to create images with a deeper meaning—images without a shelf-life, not just meant for likes on social media. I wanted to capture the stories and feelings that endure the test of time. For the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of documenting adventurous, exceptional couples, as they celebrate their marriage and take their relationships to deeper levels of commitment, exploration, and enduring love. I will work seamlessly with you to balance the curated with the raw and real moments of genuine expression and authenticity. I will be there to tell your wedding day story and the journey it took to get there. Yes, I’m devoted to my visual art, but I value your experience and the impact of my work above all. As I developed my creative expertise, I decided to pivot in 2017 where I founded Parallel Medium, a creative advertising & brand agency in Orange County that has produced work for various globally recognized brands. While I continue to pursue work in the advertising and marketing industry, I am still dedicated to giving you artful and authentic imagery that celebrates the best day of your life. Running a low volume (5-10 couples each year) wedding photography studio allows me to maximize the amount of time and care that I devote to each bride and groom for the best experience possible; because I truly love what I do and what I can do for you.

Tim is amazing! My husband and I absolutely loved working with him. He made us feel comfortable during our engagement shoot and captured beautiful shots. During our wedding, he captured all of the moments we wanted, with happy candids, dramatic landscapes, and completely understood the vibe we wanted with our photos.The turnaround time for our photos was very quick too and we got to relive our wedding with all of the amazing shots he got. Tim is awesome! I would recommend him to anyone!

Kiran & varun

Timothy did a great job with our engagement and wedding photos. He was very attentive and really took the time to get to know us. He asked us what style of photos we wanted and really did his best to try and recreate it. It didn't take very long for him to send us our photos. It was a great experience.

Josephine & Tony

Tim was a spectacular photographer for our engagement and wedding shoots. We shot at the beach on what we thought was going to be a gloomy day, but Tim was able to shoot it so that the dark clouds behind us looked beautiful and elegant. It actually started to drizzle near the end of our shoot which Tim used as an unexpected opportunity and ended up getting the best shot of the day with my wife and I kissing in the rain. Tim is very patient with new to photoshoot couples and willing to try out anything we felt comfortable with. I highly recommend Tim as your wedding photographer of choice. Thanks Tim!

Ellen & Jason

We got referred to Tim from our wedding planner and I think we got the right guy for the job. Super cool guy and was able to get us some really nice engagement and wedding photos. He really captured those priceless moments we'll always remember forever. Highly recommended!!

Dawn & Louie

I knew Tim was an awesome cinematographer but what really took my breath away is how his team captured the emotions for that day. It's been three years since but every time I watch it (once a year), I'm filled with so much joy and tears from the emotions that day. Thank you Tim. You rock!

Andrew & Methuse



Whether for your wedding days or to capture an important season in your life—not only will your photos be beautiful, they’ll have purpose and impact.  Combine your vision with our years of experience, gracious preparation, and creative art direction, and the result is an inspiring collection of extraordinary imagery.

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